Good evening everyone!

I’m still on my vacation, and I’m having the best time! Needless to say that I do not wish to go back home, but.. my apartment is probably getting lonely, so I have to go back and care for it!

Anywho, follow me on Instagram for art updates, couple pictures and selfies of my surprisingly adorable face c:

Also, link me your Instagram in the comments, if I like what I see, I’ll follow!

10 days vacation and new direction for my art!


Tomorrow I’ll travel across the country to spend the next 10 days with my lovely boyfriend! I won’t be posting any art during that time, but I might be updating my WIP-folder on Facebook as I’ll be sketching a lot on paper :)
I hope everyone will have a really great week, I want to know all about it when I get back on the 27th.

And as for the new direction for my art. It won’t really be that new, but you’ll see a lot more of my muzzle style again now that I master 3 different ways of drawing faces :) A while ago I figured only 1 way wasn’t enough, so I practiced style number 2, and when I mastered that I moved on to a more manga based style that I now master as well, so from now on it’ll be a lot more variety in my artworks ^^
Practice makes you better people, so don’t give up!

Take care everyone! <3

Commissions [OPEN - Discounts inside]


I’ve decided to open up a few slots for commissions for those interested! I don’t expect that a lot of slots will fill up as it’s summer, but we’ll see if we can fill a few of them!

However, these commissions will be a test to see how well I can combine my work with my commissions, so DO NOT order unless you are willing to wait 2-3 weeks for your order. 2-3 weeks from when I have started your order that is.

But then again, because of the possible wait I’ll throw in some discounts for the different slots!

1. 25% Discount - Kesmon
2. 20% Discount
3. 15% Discount
4. 10% Discount
5. 05% Discount


To Do-list:
Terms of Service:

Note me or comment for a slot! Happy buying c: