Heidi B. Creative [Facebook-page]

I’ve started working in a tattoo shop, and they are going to promote my work, so time to get off my anonymous butt and tell you guys my name!

Go like my new Facebook-page dedicated to the work I do while at work, and work I do for the shop!

And no, don’t worry! I’ll still draw anthro and furries, and this page will still be active! I love you guys too much to just abandon you! :)


Awesome news! I’ll work in a tattoo shop!


It has finally happened! This Monday I’ll start working in a tattoo shop in the next town over, and I’ll be there for at least 3 months to gain experience. They want me to draw as much as possible, and I can bring my tablet to work and plug it into the computers there. They will also get me whatever art supplies I need in order for me to be creative, but as for now pen and paper works just fine, so I won’t ask them for anything in the closest future.

Most likely I’ll also draw designs for people who wants more comic based tattoos, and I’ll help with cover-ups and what not. If this is not awesome then I don’t know what is. They also want me to draw live for people to watch in the mall, so they’ll make sure to fix it so my tablet is connected to the 4 monitors hanging outside of their shop, which means people will see me draw when they walk past!

I think I know what heavens feel like now!


Good evening everyone!

I’m still on my vacation, and I’m having the best time! Needless to say that I do not wish to go back home, but.. my apartment is probably getting lonely, so I have to go back and care for it!

Anywho, follow me on Instagram for art updates, couple pictures and selfies of my surprisingly adorable face c:


Also, link me your Instagram in the comments, if I like what I see, I’ll follow!

10 days vacation and new direction for my art!


Tomorrow I’ll travel across the country to spend the next 10 days with my lovely boyfriend! I won’t be posting any art during that time, but I might be updating my WIP-folder on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/avaaranaart as I’ll be sketching a lot on paper :)
I hope everyone will have a really great week, I want to know all about it when I get back on the 27th.

And as for the new direction for my art. It won’t really be that new, but you’ll see a lot more of my muzzle style again now that I master 3 different ways of drawing faces :) A while ago I figured only 1 way wasn’t enough, so I practiced style number 2, and when I mastered that I moved on to a more manga based style that I now master as well, so from now on it’ll be a lot more variety in my artworks ^^
Practice makes you better people, so don’t give up!

Take care everyone! <3